How to Ethically Use AI to Grow Your Business

Virtual Workshop
October 10 at 2 PM
(Recording Provided to All Registrants)

This 90-minute course by Chrissanne Long and Craig Hosking, owners of Maximize Digital Media and co-founders of BRIDGE Local, will show you how to use ChatGPT to generate more revenue in your business.

With live demonstrations teaching effective prompt writing, you’ll learn how to use AI to clearly identify your business’s ideal customer, create an avatar for your most profitable services, develop concise messaging that will attract the correct customers, save time with content creation, market research, and ethically transform your marketing strategies.

The workshop will be held virtually

Tuesday, October 10, from 2:00pm -3:30pm EST. 

The course will be recorded and provided to all paid registered attendees.

Who is this workshop for: 

  • This workshop will be perfect for solopreneurs, small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who are interested in using AI to increase their revenue through proven marketing strategies while leveraging the technology that AI tools like ChatGPT provide.

  • Those looking to learn some of the basics about the power of ChatGPT, as well as concrete, actionable tasks that they can use in their business immediately, with a free or premium ChatGPT account.

  • This workshop will also be excellent for people who are hesitant to use AI or ChatGPT because they are not comfortable with the idea of using technology in this new way.

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